Monday, June 02, 2008

Wedding Gift Wrap & Centerpiece Idea

It's wedding season! Do you have a wedding gift that you want to wrap in a special way or need a unique bridal shower centerpiece? This 'cake' is paper mache boxes frosted with Aleene's True Snow with silk flowers and trim glued on for color.
Someone saw the photo and thought it was a real wedding cake. I love it!
Here's What You'll Need
Aleene's True Snow
Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue
3 Paper mache boxes (I used 12", 10" & 8")
Flat edge knife
3-1/2 yards of 1/2" wide braid (color to go with flowers)
Silk flowers, ivy, large leaves
2-1/2 yards of 2" wide ribbon (floral)
2" x 3" cardstock
Here's How to Make It
Frosting - Apply Aleene's True Snow to sides and lids of boxes, using knife. Apply Snow thinly below rim of box so lid will fit. Let dry. You can also mix acrylic paint with the Snow before it's applied or brush on after its dry.
Icing - Glue braid 'icing' around edges of lids. Glue two pieces around 12" box. Let dry.
Assembly - Glue top of large lid to bottom of medium box and top of medium lid to bottom of small box. Refer to photo.
Flowers and Greenery- Glue flowers and ivy on top of cake lids. Glue large leaves around edge of large bottom box.
Ribbon - Cut 15 (3") pieces of ribbon. Glue short ends together, crimping ends to gather. Glue randomly among flowers.
Cut remaining ribbon in half. Glue on top of cake allowing streamers to cascade down sides of cake.
Card - Write names on card. Glue flowers and small piece of ribbon to card. Glue to top of cake.
Place your gift in the boxes and you'll have a beautiful 'present'ation or place where you need a splash of color at the bridal shower - this will be the perfect keepsake for the couple to keep their wedding mementos. This would make a great birthday presentation too!
Enjoy the moment!


Clarice said...

Thanks for the wonderful wedding gift wrap and centerpiece idea.!!!

Joan said...

Hi Clarice,

Your welcome. Since it is wedding month (but now that I think about it, isn't every month, wedding month?) I have some other projects to share. I'll get those posted soon.