Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wedding and Anniversary Celebration Cards

Love is in the air

Create a personal card for the special couple.

Here's What You'll Need

Aleene's Original Tacky Glue
Aleene's Glue Sticks
Decorative edge scissors
Greeting card, blank
Fun foam, white

Additional Materials for Pink Card

Micro beads: pearl, silver
Seeds beads: 6 pink, 12 green
Parchment paper: beige, pink

Additional Materials for Blue Card
Micro beads, silver
Artistic Wire, 22 gauge blue ice
Parchment paper, blue
Wire cutter
Round nose pliers

How to Make Them
1. Cut parchment paper slightly smaller than card, using decorative edge scissors. Glue to card, using Glue Stick. For pink card, cut a square from beige parchment paper. Glue to center of card.
2. For cake, cut a 1/4" wide strip from foam sheet. Cut three pieces in graduated lengths. Cut two 1/8" wide pieces for each cake to separate layers. Cut a pedestal from foam.
3. Glue pieces to cards, using Tacky Glue and photo as a guide for placement. Let dry.

Pink Cake
1. Apply a thin layer of Tacky Glue to layers of cake and along edge of beige paper. Working over bowl, immediately sprinkle on pearl beads. Press with finger to adhere. Place pearl beads back in container. Repeat for silver beads on cake pedestal.
2. Glue seed beads along edges of cake layers to create flowers, placing green beads on their sides for leaves.

Blue Cake
1. Apply silver beads and stripes along edges of card following instructions above. Let dry.
2. Cut two 1/2" lengths of wire. Shape into hearts, using round nose pliers. Set aside. Cut lengths of wire slightly longer than cake layers. Slightly crinkle wire and flatten. Glue hearts to top of cake and crinkly wire to top of each cake layer.

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