Monday, February 02, 2009

It's just after noon and it's been a day of lectures...

I had a follow-up doctor's appointment this morning - the lovely 'well-woman check-up' she called it. I got results of my blood tests and got the lecture about cholesterol - it's time to rethink some stuff.

Later, I was meeting my friend for a walk and just as I was about there, a policeman comes out from a parking lot with lights flashing. I never understood why most of the streets here in town are 25 - yes, 25 mph. Just kills me. The Sargent pulled me over, introduced himself, asked me where I was going in such a hurry and took my license. Then, I got Lecture #2 for today. But, no ticket!!! I'll take a lecture any ol' day over a ticket!

I'm driving to the movies tonight - man, that means eating and driving together - yikes!!!

How about that Super Bowl??? A friend and I went to a golf course / country club about 15 minutes from here. We were sitting outside waiting for the game to start and a guy comes walking by wearing a Lemoore High School T-shirt (where I went to high school about 2 hours from here) and we started talking. It's one of those small world things - he actually graduated the same year I did, but from the rival high school in Hanford, he knows the quarterback from my high school that I just happen to be getting together with this weekend. He now lives in Lemoore and his son goes to Lemoore High, he dated my best friend in elementary school who I just saw a couple of weeks ago. Yup, small world...

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