Monday, February 16, 2009

My Home

It's been over six months since I moved and I keep meaning to share my small living creative ideas.

In my small home, everything has to have a function - the coffee table has one of those lift-up tops so I can craft while I'm sitting on the couch.

The wicker basket holds the craft project I'm working on at the moment. The red round box holds wine glasses (now, if I can remember that they're there when I need them!) The metal art work is going to become my 'to do' board - this weekend I took all of my projects I need to work on and wrote out my goals for each one on a separate piece of paper. Since the artwork is metal, I'm going to use magnets to keep my to do lists visible and when someone comes over, I can easily take them down and stash 'my secrets'.

This antique buffet was given to me a zillion years ago by my Aunt. It was made the year I was born (it's stamped inside one drawer). The buffet holds my treasures and in the cabinets below are my DVD's, photo albums and stuff I want to keep out of sight.

I don't have a true closet (I know, it's so hard!!!), so I attached hangers inside my clothes 'cabinet' to hang all my necklaces. My earrings go on the fabric covered styrofoam wreath.

My bedroom. I'm still looking for ideas for nightstands - I love the columns but I need more storage.

The printer drawer holds all my tiny treasures.

My bathroom - tiny, but functional. My theme (no surprise!) is butterflies!!! I keep all of my costmetics in a clear glass antique vase.

My office is in my kitchen and I put it there because I HAD to have a view as I worked, since this is where I spend the majority of my time. I got this fabulous desk that fits perfect in my small area - it folds into itself and everything is at my fingertips.

This 'credenza' is perfect to back my computer desk - I found it for $25 at a furniture store - I had no idea where I was going to use it at the time, but it's perfect!

I had this great 'goodie' server that I just couldn't leave in storage, so I now have it on top of my file cabinet and it holds little things that are dear to me - if you look really close, you can see an ancient bottle of Aleene's Glitter that sold for 69 cents.

Here's the pride and joy of my home - the kitchen - I LOVE IT!!!

I got the table from Target for $99 - my UPS guy doesn't really like me anymore...especially after delivery the table and huge vertical blinds.

My baby stove - it's original to the house that was built in the early 60's and works great!

I needed more space to hold things in the kitchen, so I bought two of the crates from Michaels, painted them, found a dish rack at Ross and I now have plenty of storage.

I made the curtains from fabric from a fantastic local fabric store - The Cotton Ball. I love leaves, so I added leaves hanging from each point - they're made from shells (appropriate since I leave at the ocean).

That's it for now!!! More to come.



Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks incredible! You have done a spectacular job in creating a "me" space.

Anonymous said...

Your home is fantastic! But, do you have before pictures so we can see where you started?