Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Nutty Nephews

Last Saturday was the big event - my two nephews birthday party. Their birthdays are a couple of weeks apart so, it was a combo party. When I called my sister-in-law last week to see what they wanted for their birthdays, I heard Brandon, the 8-year-old say, "A bag of salad." Nutty, yes, but that's my B-Man! I took the suggestion a bit further and got him everything to plant his own salad garden in a pot - I HAD to include a little metal red ant I saw at the garden shop.

Then there's the 14-year-old with a box over his head. Bad hair day, reverting back to his younger days??? With a 14-year-old who knows!!! Oh, the gift I got him was a car bank - he has his eye on a vintage Mustang or Camaro...Start saving, Justin! Can you say 'job'?

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