Monday, March 15, 2010

The San Joaquin Valley

Fruit Basket to the World

I spent Saturday evening, night and next morning with my If Not Now, When? Girlfriend, Frances. On my way back to my parent's home, the views were incredible, so I drug my mom out to see the snow, blooming fruit trees and clear skies.

The San Joaquin Valley, where these pictures are taken, is /was called the fruit basket when I was a kid - The Valley supplies many, many fruits, vegetables, cotton, dairy, etc., etc., products all over the world.

It was definitely a pink day!

This picture was taken in the parking lot of a fruit processing / packing plant near Kingsburg - come summer, it will be a VERY bustling place taking yummy fruit to your table.


Anonymous said...

Spectacular pictures!

Joan said...

Thanks! It was a day of wonderful photo ops.