Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aleene's Mini Reunion

Last night was if time had stood still.  We had a mini Aleene's reunion and for some it had been years and years since they'd seen each other. 

There was Beth, the floor director of the Aleene's Creative Living television show (she kept our taping schedule on track - we usually taped 8-12 segments Monday through Friday), Tiffany Windsor, host of the show, Heidi Borchers, designer extraordinaire, Sharon Williamson took over from me as the instruction writer when I went on to be the editor of Aleene's Creative Living magazine, Lori was the producer making sure once the segments were taped that they were edited and ready for airing on television and Jean was a segment producer doing all the before, during and after handling of the people who appeared on the show.

It was great reminiscing, catching up and planning for upcoming reunions.

To think a bottle of glue started it all...

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