Monday, June 06, 2011


I was unplugged today - but not by my choice!  I knew my day wasn't starting off right when I turned on my computer and it came up that I had a virus...and then other yucky things started to happen on the screen.  Thank goodness I have a repair guy a couple of blocks away and he fixed me up, but it took all day!

Strangely, since I wasn't plugged in (BTW, I accidentally unhooked my phone too when I unhooked my computer so it was a real quiet day!) I got lots done.  I worked in my garage and got tons done (I'd started yesterday) and I worked on a PR class I'm taking by The Crafty Chica.  She's so inspiring.  I'd better get caught up on emails and homework - yikes!  I have website design homework too.  Little time, at the moment, for hands-on creativity!

I think I'll unplug more often (by my choice) - it was a more peaceful day...

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