Thursday, July 07, 2011

Describe Yourself

I recently took a PR class and part of an assignment was to come up with three words / things / people, etc. to describe yourself - it's harder than you think...  When you're a person who's been involved in the creative industry for years (and years) and have worn many hats it's kind of hard to come up with just three.  I came up with

Martha Stewart (I love to plan parties and make daily life special - but I'm cheap...) meets Honey I Shrunk the Kids (I love shrink plastic!) meets Marlo Thomas (I currently have a little flip in my hair that I've never tried before!).

How about you?  What three words / things describe you?

Check back every Thursday to see what crazy thing I'm sharing - it might be a new craft, a new trend, a new shrink plastic project (I have zillions of ideas!!!) or inexpensive ways to throw a party...

Until next Thursday, the Martha in me is planning a dinner party, the 'Shrunk' part of me is working on an amazing shrink plastic garden idea and Marlo needs to go make sure that flip is just right...

Enjoy your week!

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