Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Visions of Home

The last couple of weeks have been very emotional.  My sister-in-law's dad passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 61. A friend of the family created some amazing floral arrangements made with dried roses for the memorial service.  George was an avid guitar player and taught my fifteen-year-old nephew how to play and he bravely accompanied a photo montage at the service.  My hat is off to you, Justin, for an amazing tribute to your grandfather.  He would be very proud.

 George was a corrections officers and the friend did an amazing job replicating the symbol.  I was so very touched by the number of people who came to pay their respects - they stopped counting attendees at 650.  George was a wonderful man who will be missed by all who knew him.

While I was 'home' for the memorial service I took a little trip around the family farm.  My family's barn is really cool - we've had fun Thanksgiving dinners in there, we used to park our tractor in there and zillions of years ago, cows were fed inside.  Love the country living...(or at least visiting)

 Sunflowers near the barn.
 My 9-year-old nephew came over for a few days and we 'played' all kinds of things.  He LOVES the military and EVERY time he comes for a visit I get to go to the army surplus store!  He was so excited to try out his $8 tent.  He slept in it and I didn't sleep that night because every time he rolled over the plastic rustled.

 Brandon did lots of painting and sometimes it wasn't on paper or canvas...
I had some old canvases in my garage and now Brandon LOVES using them.  He created eight different paintings.  He's taking a Picasso style painting class in a couple of weeks and tried his hand at it at my house.

I made sure Brandon signed and dated each painting - a reminder to all of us that when we finish our masterpiece we must sign and date it!

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