Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween Party

Seems like this is the time of year for PARTIES!!!

Saturday night I attended a Halloween party at a friend's home. It was fun to listen (and sing along with) to her family singing Karoake...even little Morti was out dancing on the floor - he's a little ham.

Recycling...remember my $15 Second Chance Prom dress? When it came to recycling it into my Halloween outfit, I had a tough decision to make - my dress could easily have been made into an angel costume with the addition of wings, but I decided to be transformed into a Greek Goddess with just a couple inexpensive props. The hair garland was made from gold leaves from the craft store and wrapped with a little wire around the stem for stability. Every Goddess has to have her gold snake armband - a quick snake could be made with gold chenille stems, some wiggle eyes and a felt tongue.

I'm always thinking how I could take what I have and transform it into the next me imaginative or just cheap...

Happy crafting!



Fashion Girl said...

Awesome costume!! You look beautiful!

Joan said...

Thanks Fashion Girl!

I love to find bargains! Hard telling where this dress will end up next year!

I've been invited to a Valentine's Dance - kind of like the Second Chance Prom. I have to start looking for a dress for that one!

Oh, I just got an invite to a 50th anniversary party for Frances' parents - time to look for another outfit!

Thank goodness I like parties!