Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Second Chance Prom...
Many people have asked me what the heck this is. Well, it's a second chance to go to the prom. I went with two other ladies and one of their husbands. Out of the four of yes, two of us had not gone to our high school proms.

We met at a friend's house, drank a sip of champagne, put on our corsages and off we went to the Fort Washington Country Club for a night of excellent food, dancing and lots of laughs.

Oh, you know I have to bring crafting into every situation...I mentioned before that I bought my dress for $15. Well, the weather had turned cool and after only spending $15 on my dress, I wasn't about to pay mucho bucks for a wrap - good old crafting ingenuity came into play - I bought a yard and a half of fabric, folded the right sides together and glued around the edges with Aleene's Platinum Bond Super Fabric Textile Adhesive. So, for a few bucks, I had a beautiful wrap that matched the jewelry Frances had given me for being her bridesmaid.

BTW, I can't for the life of me remember what we were laughing so hard about! I LOVE IT!


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