Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Wedding, a Second Chance Prom and Now VACATION!!!

But first, I must apologize! I'm so sorry I haven't answered your comments - I've been out of town for the BIG WEDDING (more details in a bit) and tonight I attended a Second Chance Prom so I haven't been able to answer you. I'm so excited that you've written and asked questions and it's great to catch up with you.

So, the big excitement! My friend Frances got married Friday at a most magical place at Three River, California - the setting couldn't have been more divine with the sound of the nearby river, a waterfall as the backdrop for the ceremony and a beautiful canopy of trees. From wonky cakes (her description) to the cake topper that her now husband Rudy made from a SPRAY CAN to the beautiful bride - it was a night to remember.

Tonight I attended a Second Chance Prom put on by a local stores events coordinator - it was awesome!!! I met up with my friend Jenny and a former co-worker and her husband for the big event! Our friend's husband even got us corsages. We danced the night away and look forward to next year.

I am heading off in the morning for my BIG VACATION (can you tell I'm excited?!) and won't be back for a few days, so please keep your comments and ideas coming and I will post and answer them when I get back - promise! I have so much to share - more photos - me in my beautiful bridesmaid's dress, in my prom dress and when I get back I'll have pictures and ideas from my workshop.

Have a great week!


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