Sunday, October 29, 2006

A party...a speed bump...bummer!
Well, last weekend I was on my way to a party in a neighborhood I'd never been in before. I was running late and took a speed bump a little too fast...I'd been carting around a couple ceramic spheres I was going to do mosaics on for Christmas presents. Yep, they broke! Bummer!

Aleene's Patio & Garden Outdoor Adhesive came to the rescue! I was able to glue the spheres back together and then apply the mosaic and grout to them. I also used the Patio & Garden Outdoor Adhesive to apply the mosaic pieces and then, remember, the old Aleene's recipe for grout that Darsee and Pattie used? I'll post the recipe soon. You can find very fine sand at your local home improvement store. You can even tint the grout with Tulip Soft Fabric Paint to get the perfect color to coordinate with your mosaic pieces.

I have two more spheres to complete by Christmas so I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Oh...the party was excellent - my friend and his wife roasted a turkey and other friends brought yummy side dishes!



Karla said...


It's been so long. It's wonderful to catch up with you.

Can you give more specific instructions for the grout? I have so many old plates I'd love to make gifts.


Joan said...

Hi Karla,

Here's the recipe:

"Grout Recipe"
Scenic Sand™ or beach sand
One 4oz. bottle Aleene's Designer Tacky Glue®
Optional: Acrylic paint to match object. (Helpful for matching less common colors, like hunter green, for example)

1. Pour 1 cup sand into old mixing bowl.
2. Cut off top of glue bottle and add entire bottle to sand.
3. If more color is needed, add 1 or 2 tsp. acrylic paint until you have desired color. (Keep in mind, glue will appear milky at first, but it eventually dries clear.)
4. Slowly stir mixture together with old spoon and add sand until it is very stiff, and resembles "grout".

Pattie Donham said...

Hey Joan!
You just gave me a memory whiplash! *giggle* I'll never forget when Darsee and I discovered the sand and glue grout. We giggled ourselves silly, because we were like mad scientists, conjuring up more and more grout, and breaking more and more dishes. Thanks for bringing back a great memory. I love your site.