Monday, December 18, 2006

eLast Minute Gift Idea

Tool Tote

My mom requested a gift this year, which is totally unlike her - she asked for a Do It Herself Tool Kit. I'd given her one years ago and guess what? Someone (who shall remain nameless) has borrowed her tools and now her tote is empty. I have a tool kit just like hers with a hard plastic case and it's a pain to keep everything in it's place and when you close the lid, stuff falls out of place.

Crafting to the rescue! I ordered the cute butterfly hammer and tape measure from a friend at work.

Then, it was off to the fabric store to find fabric for a bag and trim for the drawstring.

I really didn't want to drag out my heavy sewing machine from the bottom of the closet, so I got out my trusty Aleene's Platinum Bond Super Fabric Textile Adhesive.

It was super easy to make this bag - I applied the adhesive along two long edges of the fabric (one end was the fold). I placed two right sides together to form the bag. Then I folded over the top and glued along the edge to form the casing. I applied dots of the adhesive in two spots in the casing, let it dry and snipped through them and ran the trim through the holes and tied it at the ends.

I added a few things to the tool kit - a packet of screws and nails, a wrench and an extension cord.

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