Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Early Present!
Don't you just love it when something totally unexpected happens?
Well, it did for me this week, but it actually started back in October...
I took this photo on my way home from my vacation at Big Sur - I stopped by the road to take a picture of a beautiful lighthouse and looked down to see some rusty barbed wire. Being a farm girl, it intrigued me and I snapped a couple pictures. It wasn't until I got the enlargements back that I realized there was a spider web clinging to the wire - it doesn't really show up in the above image.
The good news - on a whim, I submitted 5 photos to a JURY for a "fine art exhibit" at a local winery. I was thrilled to get the letter this week that one of my photos was selected for display at the Quady Winery during the Madera County Wine Trail in February.
This is TOTALLY out of the box for me, so it will be very interesting - there is even an Artist's Social with a dinner party at the winery!
Strange thing is, I wasn't going to submit that particular photo...
One never knows, so grab that brass ring and go for it - TODAY!!!


Ceramic Diva said...

That is so exciting!!! Congratulations!!!!
PS - I see the web! :)

Candyland said...

It's so funny how many artists I know who simply fall into opportunities unexpectedly, unplanned, unsolicited. It's my favorite reality story! Congrats!