Monday, December 11, 2006

Let the parties begin...
It is so good to get together with old friends. This weekend I had the pleasure of getting together with my old walking buddy, Kathi, to catch up and do some crafting. She worked on finishing up a project for her office workers. It was interesting to see the project she'd selected because it was a project my friend Frances had designed for a magazine ages ago. Too cute! It was a very rainy, windy day, so it was nice to sit back, have some hot soup and craft. Oh, yes, I worked on my mom's mosaic spheres - need to get those done this week.
Then, it was time for the annual Aleene's Christmas Party. Six of us gathered and shared old stories, caught up on who's going to be GRANDMA's and how old everyone's kids are. We always make predictions for everyone for the upcoming year...I can't tell you mine, but maybe as the year unfolds I'll share.
Now, it's back to dipping ceramic pieces for my nephew's class so they can be fired and given back to them before they go on vacation at the end of the week.
Take care and have an awesomely creative week!


Suzie said...

I don't see Patty Donham in the picture. What is she doing?


Joan said...

Pattie is living in Oklahoma being Pattie - always energetic, always busy, always crafting!

I do hope to see her at the end of January at our big craft trade show. I'll be sure to share photos!