Friday, January 05, 2007

When it comes time to select colors for your next project whether it is a quilt or a painting or a new color for a room - look around you for inspiration - you might find it on a carousel horse, a blade of grass, a child's hair color... Notice what color calls to you.
I once got onto a real cobalt blue kick after going out on a snorkeling boat off Maui. I bought vases, I bought fabric, I bought anything I could find that was cobalt blue.
I heard a conversation at Christmas where a woman was buying something just because her sister loved the color - as I watched her, she was picking up anything and everything that was that color.
If you're selecting several colors like for a quilt, pick one fabric that you like with lots of colors and then match the colors within the fabric. You'll know they go together well.
Happy crafting,

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