Monday, January 15, 2007

My dad's 80th birthday party

What does a man want for his 80th birthday? Well, I would never have guessed that my 'reserved' father would want a Marilyn impersonator to come sing to him. Several months ago he saw her featured in a newspaper article and told my mom that's what he wanted for his 80th birthday party.

It was an absolute hoot for everyone there! We had little tykes (my youngest nephew is going to be 5 next month) and we had friend's of my dad's. There were lots of smiles and laughs during Marilyn's half hour performance.

I got to see cousins and aunts I hadn't seen in a while and friends of my parents I hadn't seen in more than 25 years. I ate more than my share of cake, so it's back to carrots for me this week.

We are buzzing around work getting ready for the big trade show at the end of the month. The bras for my bra purse make it and take it should be in tomorrow, so I'll be crafting away on those these week.

I chatted over the weekend with my old cubicle mate a couple of times. It's so fun to catch up, to have someone listen to the details of your life and just to kick back. She's been a very influential person in my life - I'm just very sad that she lives so far away.

I can't wait to find some time to craft really soon!


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Ceramic Diva said...

I love it! Hope I am as spunky as your dad when I am 80!!!