Friday, January 26, 2007


Here they are - the bra purses! They are so much fun to make!!!

  • Ooh la la…Bra Purses
    Design and Instructions by Joan Fee

    Materials needed
    ~ Tulip® Cool Color Spray™
    ~ Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion™ Permanent Dry Cleanable Fabric Adhesive™
    ~ Bra, underwire
    ~ Embellishments: trims, tassels, pom poms, yarns, ribbons, etc.
    ~ Clothespins

1. Cut bra apart at center. Cut strap on back sections. Cut sides around cups.

2. Cover work surface with plastic. Spray both sides of cups with Cool Color Spray. Let dry.

3. Apply glue to both wire sections of bra. Press trim into glue on one side. Press wire sections together. Hold with clothespins until dry.

4. Glue desired embellishments in place on bra.

5. Overlap straps and glue. Hold in place until dry with clothespins. Glue trim to strap.


Ceramic Diva said...

LOVE THEM! How creative and fun! Hope you are having a blast at CHA!

Anonymous said...

Hi THere!

I had fun meeting you and making my very own Bra purse.......too cool......what a neat idea!
Thanks so much Joan.


Joan said...

Hi Ladies,

Ceramic Diva - I know you love ceramics, but come out and craft with us...grab a bra and some Aleene's Fabric Fusion adhesive and we'll have some fun.


It was so awesome to meet you and have you create a masterpiece bra purse. (Violette is an old Aleene's Creative Living TV show fan - she came to the Duncan trade show booth at CHA after reading my blog about the bra purses and reading about the larger than life cutouts)

Check out Violette's website at - her artwork is fabulous!!!