Thursday, January 18, 2007

We're getting ready for the huge Craft and Hobby Association trade show!!!

Things are hopping at work - we're developing new products (you won't see them in your stores for probably a year!), we're making signs, we're getting the booth's a whole lotta work and the adrenalin is in high gear. We are pushing to get everything done to do what we call a booth "walk-thru" in the morning - it's where everything possible is in place and the Duncan employees get to "walk-thru" and see what's new and how great the booth looks!

This trade show is especially fun since Pattie Donham and I, along with 4 other celebrity designers, will be featured in the booth - this morning, I walked into work and saw two of ME more than life size - quite a shock at 7 a.m.! They are going in the booth with thought bubbles talking about our favorite products. Our mugs are on make-it and take-it signs, in company literature - seems like we're EVERYWHERE! Pattie and I have already planned our Hugfest and Chatfest at the show - whenever we get together there's sure to be lots of laughs and silliness!!!

I'm very excited to be such an integral part of the booth and am anxiously waiting for my bras to arrive so I can make my samples for the make-it and take-it bra purses.

The show is only a week away, so I'm charging my camera batteries, getting my notepad ready to take notes so that I can get back to you with all the latest trends and's going to be something else!

Other fun things are happening...I received a phone call from the guy who's organizing the fine art exhibit I'm in next month - things are shaping up...he was calling to ask me the price of my art work...I just have to laugh...again, life is going in directions I never knew possible. Now, to have a mat made - that's my goal for tomorrow after work...

This weekend is holding some very interesting things - yes, another party (I don't think I've been to this many parties in my entire life!). My friend Gloria and I are going to our friend Frances' parents 50th wedding anniversary - I hear a mariachi band is planned and the same lady who made Frances and Rudy's wonky wedding cakes are making the cake for the party.

I hope to have a quiet Sunday to catch up and get things together for the trade show. I may even be able to sneak a night in a Disneyland while I'm there...

Take care my friends,


Pattie Donham said...

Oh my gosh, girl! I don't know about this bigger than life stuff! *giggle* We might have to put a WARNING sign on our stand-ups. I can't wait for the trade show. We're going to have so much fun crafting and hanging with old friends, and we'll probably make some great NEW friends, too. See ya there Joan!
Pattie Donham
aka Pattie Wack

Anonymous said...

What kind of new products? Come on, you can tell us!!!

Joan said...

I can't wait to get my Pattie fix, for at least a few days!

Between your altered clipboards (BTW, I'll be waiting there in line to make one!!!) and my bra purses, we'll be the hit of the show!

Speaking of my bra purses, I just got the trims and you'd love them! Bright colored pom poms to go along with our Cool Color Spray. I'm ready to get out the Fabric Fusion glue and get started!

See you in just a few days!

Joan said...

New products...well, without giving away our secrets, we're introducing some awesome new Aleene's glues and some fabulous Tulip fashion art items. I'll let you in on them after the show.

Ceramic Diva said...
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Ceramic Diva said...

I can't wait to see the pictures from the show!! Also...did you take any pictures at Frances' parents party? I would love to see them...especially ones of the cake!! Their wedding cake was awesome!