Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Aleene's Bread Dough

Aleene's Bread Dough for Kids
Easter Bunny

Jackie got into the Craft Challenge with her kids, Sam (age 4) and Jessica (age 2). She used the Aleene's Tacky Glue Bread Dough Recipe (see a few posts below this for the recipe) to create fun dough art.

They just rolled a couple of balls of dough, squished them (Sam's words) made some ears and added a small ball of dough for the tail. They put their creation out in the sun to dry.

Jackie said they glued the ears and tail on after all the pieces dried with Aleene's Tacky Glue and then painted the bunny white and added his features with acrylic paint.

Jackie said they made a big batch of dough, so she'll be submitting more projects - she keeps the dough in a ziptop plastic bag in the fridge so it's ready when the kids are to play.

Thanks Jackie, Sam and Jessica!!!

Keep your projects come for the Craft Challenge for National Craft Month


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Anonymous said...

I miss the old days of Aleene, and the neat things she would have on her show. I loved the challange of turning cast off items into something worth while...recycling when it was a new concept.
I miss that kind of programming and get up at 3 am to watch Detroit PBS and their sewing and crochet/knitting shows do I am addicted.
Now it is hard to get supplies as Walmart is divesting itself of such things, and because they forced competition out of business we are hard pressed to find alternatives.
I found Duncan products good quality, and even craft magazines are not as plentiful as before. It is not all due to the "net"
I wish all other crafters well...and hope they are luckier than I in persuing their addiction to crafting.