Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Creativity at Home

Creativity can be found EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING...
I have been very creative the last couple of weeks, but in a work way. I have been busily and creatively working on The Craft Chica line and many new fashion art products. It's exciting, it's fun, but now I'm ready for some downtime. Somewhere in between writing instructions, packaging copy and ads, I got this crazy idea to go out and buy some apothecary jars I'd been admiring at my local discount store. I almost didn't buy them, but decided to just do it.

Then, where to put them (the tallest is over 2 feet!). I finally decided it was time to clean off the dividing wall between my kitchen and dining room which was a major undertaking in itself. It was a catchall place for photos, a pretty leaf I'd found on a walk - just a place to put stuff that didn't have a place.

Once I took everything off of the area, I didn't know what to do with all the stuff. I put some in a bowl thinking it would make a nice display, but it just looked like a bunch of stuff in a bowl. So, you will see in the picture what came of some of the items - I stuck large-headed thumbtacks under the ledge and hung my things from there. A couple of the items are heirloom/antique spoons that my dad gave me recently from his aunt's silverware - they have such beautiful intricate designs.

I went back and forth about what to put in the jars - gumballs? No. Potpourri. No. Once I had them in place, I decided that they needed to remain empty - there was something about being able to see through them.

A friend is redoing her yard and she wanted my advice on what plants would work best in her yard, so I went there last night carrying a Columbine to get her started and, of course, I had to get some flowers for myself. I planted them tonight and it's so fabulous to see Spring finally here. I have been absolutely enamored with falling flower petals from trees lately. I went out for a massage last week after dark and when I stopped at a stop light they came trickling in through my sunroof. They are falling so heavily that in many places they look like little drifts of snow.

Speaking of flowers, our offices are looking quite lovely and smelling divine with the arrival yesterday of Daffodil Days for the American Cancer Society. They are beautiful!

I am looking forward to a few days of slowing down and a chance to recuperate a bit. I've been invited to a nearby lake for Easter and I hear there was a fresh blanket of snow last weekend - relaxation, friends, snow - that sounds wonderful!

I have my eye on my new project from way, way back! It's called Forged Foil. I ran across an old Aleene's book from 1968 - yes, 40 years ago. I have an idea to make it modern and use a little different technique so be on the lookout for that.

Upward and onward. I can't wait to see the new products in the stores that we've been working on - they are fabulous and different and exciting!!! More details as I can let the cat out of the bag.


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