Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gotta Love Them Peeps!


The sugar coated marshmallow yummies come in all shapes, sizes and now flavors. I found some cocoa ones recently to take for a taste test at a getaway weekend not long ago. They were 'all right'.

Our local paper had a Peep diorama contest and this is one of the examples. Too cute! There was even one called "Caucus of the Peepsle" with Clinton and Obama signs, one entitled "Race for the Cure" with a hint of "Don't use a glue gun, it may seem nice at first, but it just makes your Peeps end up in a marshmallowy mess."

Love them!

Have a Peepalicious day!



Anonymous said...

New peep taste treat:

Ceramic Diva said...

I LOVE Peeps! Every Easter I use to receive those yummy treats from my Grandma! Hmm...microwave a peep...I might have to look into that twist!