Monday, March 10, 2008


Miniature Houses...

This weekend, a friend called and 'candidly' asked me if I had the choice of china, fabric, gardening items, books and a couple more things what would I pick. Something about an 'online survey'. My first choice was gardening (bet, ya didn't know that about me!), second was the bookstore (because I buy a ton of books - did I say I read them ALL?) and third, the china I think because I had just bought my apothecary jars - and ya know if I'd been given the option of shoes...I would have been all over that one (a short-term need that is now out of my system).

I knew something was up, but little did I know it would be these miniatures, hand-detailed by a local miniature artist who just passed away.

Thank you, my friend, for the gifts.

Tonight, I brainstormed (and cried a little too) with a friend. She's a joy to be around, always upbeat and positive and VERY supportive. It is so helpful to have a person you can tell things to and they help you mold them and nurture them to the next step. It was awesome to have terrific weather and sit out by the pool and chat. It seemed like the evening frittered away in a matter of minutes, but we made plans for next time, so it's something to look forward to.

For my 1/2 hour of creative time tonight, I practiced my singing. With my allergies so bad last week, I didn't practice and I could sure tell yesterday at my lesson. A couple more weeks and I'll record the song I've been practicing and put on my blog.

Make time to craft today, even if it's a 'miniature' amount of time.

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