Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beth is wearing the 'bow' I made from pom poms and chenille stems.

Old Aleene's Friends Christmas Celebration

Tonight was a night for catching up with friends from the old Aleene's days!!! Lauren Johnston and I used to appear on the Creative Living television show, Beth was the Producer and Linda Lou was the set stylist. We go way, way back. Seems like we haven't changed, but kids and grandkids have gotten older.

Before dinner I went shopping for Betty's party - it was great fun to put a girlie party together complete with boas, tulle, glittery netting, flowers and mirrored balls (we went to school in the 70's so when I saw 5" mirrored / disco balls on sale for 1/2 price, I just had to pick up several for the tables). I also had a duh moment - remember me talking about making cupcakes ? I was at the stoplight near The Madonna Inn heading somewhere completely not there when it hit me - order a Pink Champagne cake for Betty's party - it totally went with the pink girlie theme I was thinking of. Perfect!!! I need to take a few minutes tomorrow and make sure everything is covered - it all came together while I was in Michaels tonight.

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