Friday, December 05, 2008

Big Purple Guy, Elfin Forest, Visitors, Job's Daughters, Work...

My friend and former cubicle mate sent me this picture of herself with the 5 foot tall stuffed animal she and her husband, Bruce, are giving to Toys for Tots. Too cute, Lucy!!! Miss you big time!

Last night in Cambria was very nice. We were running out of time before sunset, so we took a quick walk that turned out to be quite a workout coming back up a hill. Dinner was delightful - clam chowder in a bread bowl and shrimp salad at a beach side restaurant. There's a delightful new candy store in town and they had 11 different flavors of malted milk balls. One of the workers was kind enough to get us just a couple of each flavor.

I received an email from a high school classmate of mine yesterday asking for some help. Lisa and I had been Senior Class Officers together and we were also in Job's Daughters for many years together. Lisa emailed me in a panic because one of her former students (she's a teacher) asked her to do a 15 minute speech for her installation on Sunday. I told Lisa I'd brainstorm with my sister and see what we could come up with. The things we came up with are certainly not things she'd want to tell at an installation celebration. My sister and I remembered some initiation 'ceremonies' - everything from blindfolding a person and having them point out different areas of a cow and the last one you ask them to point at is the tail where someone dutifully puts a jar of Dippity Do so that their finger goes right in it. FYI - Dippity Do is an old version of hair gel. We talked about a song we sang when someone was caught with their elbows on the table at social functions. The song went - get your elbows off the table (insert name), get your elbows off the table, we have seen you do it twice and it isn't very nice, get your elbows off the table (insert name). There was a second verse - believe me - you only put your elbows on the table once in this crowd because the poor person had to run around the tables while we sang the song. Then there was the story about going on a snipe hunt - the initiation was in town where there was a curfew. Well, I and a few other girls saw a police car coming down the street, so we dove into the bushes. Yup, they found us, put the car lights on us and told us to go home. Strangely, the initiation was taking place at the high school principal's home...ahhh, to be young and innocent...being older and doing fun things is pretty darn good too.

The Elfin Forest - I joined the walking group in the newcomer's group and we walked at the Elfin Forest today - I will have to google that and see where the name came from because I didn't see any elves or any forest. It was a delightful walk with fresh air and good conversations.

My freelance work is in high gear - I'm creating twelve projects for a book and doing some instruction editing.

The holiday festivities are shaping up to be a fun time - next week is my newcomer's luncheon at a local country club (it's a chance to play dress-up), Cheryl Ball, her sister and I are going to see the play White Christmas along with a nice dinner out, there's a lighted boat parade, my old Aleene's friends are getting together, a friend told me this week she's getting married on New Year's just after midnight (I have my fingers crossed it's not foggy so I can be there!!!), our We Love You Betty party for my friend whose boyfriend passed away, I'm going to a wedding reception at the Disneyland Hotel with a day at Disneyland and next week a friend will be in town so I'm gussying up the house for that - I was all gung ho to decorate the outside of my house, but with all the work I have going on, I think I'll concentrate on the inside and be happy with that. My next door neighbor has enough lights up for the entire neighborhood. Life is good!!!

Have a fabulous weekend,

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