Monday, December 08, 2008

Wire Art for Plants

Add some art to that plant you're giving as a gift or spruce up your own walls!

What You'll Need
10 gauge wire or metal coat hanger
Round items to make curves in wire
Straight nose pliers
Wire cutters
Paper cone

How to Make It
1. For coils, grasp one end of wire with straight nose pliers, making a small loop. Move pliers down wire as you twist wire to desired size of loops.
2. Form curves below coils by wrapping wire around round items of desired sizes.
3. For plant stake, leave 8" straight at end of wire.
4. For wall hanger, lay wire shape on work surface after curves are formed. Bend wire up at a 45 degree angle 2" below last curve. Shape three more coils in wire to hold cone.

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