Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Squiggly Bow, Laughing Buddha, Gingerbread Card
What a delightful day - It's only 2 o'clock and I've been to a meeting to get the heads-up on the newsletter I'll be taking over at the first of the month for my newcomers club, emailed with my sister who's visiting Virginia, dropped in to see a former co-worker / friend who works for the local police department (I hadn't seen her in two years), shopped for my gift exchange present for tonight and did lots of work!!!
I wrapped my gift for tonight and realized I didn't have a bow (probably SOMEWHERE out in my storage building there's one, but what's a crafter to do in a pinch???) I had some chenille stems and some pom poms and here's what I came up with. I wrapped the chenille stems around a pencil and taped a few in a circle on the gift and glued some pom poms in the center - I used stick glue so it's ready to dash out the door.
When I was looking for the gift for tonight, I saw a bunch of those Life in Miniature kits and one jumped right into my basket - it was the laughing Buddha - the box says the Laughing Buddha is the embodiment of happiness, laughter, prosperity and the wisdom of contentment. Have you ever had a vision in your mind right down to the very tiny details? This is where the Laughing Buddha comes in - I have a vision of my office (certainly not the one I'm in at the moment) but in the corner of the office is a huge Laughing Buddha!!!
I received the gingerbread card in the mail today - how adorable - are you thinking what I'm thinking??? A little felt, some ribbon...

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