Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lemoore High School

High School Class Reunion

My high school class reunion is coming up next year and I've been finding and contacting my classmates the last few months. Just yesterday, I received emails from two guys from my class - one just moved to Big Sur (just a couple of hours away from me up the coast - I've known him since 6th grade) and another knew my cousin who just passed away. It was nice catching up with them and seeing what they're up to now. AND, Saturday morning, 3-4 of my classmates are coming to the coast for a girls' weekend. One, I haven't seen in almost 35 years (yes, I'm admitting to that!), another is Betty, who we had the Celebration of Life for in December, another is one of my closest friends in high school and hopefully another friend (we were fellow Senior Class Officers together) will join us for lunch or dinner. I'm taking my yearbooks to refresh our fuzzy memories.

When I was in London, Kathy and I worked on our reunion and then I had plenty of time on the 10+ hour flights to make more notes. My mind is already swirling with ideas for decorations - I'll share my ideas and projects as time goes by. We have a planning meeting in about a week, so I want to be ready with my ideas.

Meanwhile, I got home from London on Saturday and got tons of things done, but the last couple of days the fatigue has set in - it's been a week of meetings and putting out a newsletter, so I need to conserve my energy for late night chats this weekend!!!

Go Tigers!!!

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