Monday, June 15, 2009

My Weekend

I am sooooo tired!!! It was a VERY intense and full weekend. Friday, I took the two hour drive over to my hometown, Lemoore. That night was fabulous - my sister-in-law, her sister and I got pedicures, went out for dinner, a movie and then dessert - nice girls evening.
Saturday and Sunday were work, work and more work - the objective of the weekend was for my brother to put in a step coming out from their front door and we succeeded along with pulling out an old almond tree that had decayed and some plants from a side area. It all turned out fantastic!!! I think all those exercise classes are making me stronger - I'm surprised my muscles aren't speakin' to me.
Sunday night was my high school class reunion meeting - it turned out that one of the committee members was out for a ride that day and his buddy's bike had trouble, so he didn't make it to the meeting, so Diane and I spent five hours looking at different options - we got so much done!!! We both went into the meeting with one idea and by the time we thought everything through, we're now probably going with a totally different option. Diane met with Mike (the guy who couldn't make it) this morning and he likes the option. We're going to let everything gel for a few days and then set the plan into action.

Here's my 13 year old nephew, Justin. Always an ipod in his ear!

I almost forgot, we went to my sister-in-laws dad's house for dinner Saturday night - I have always loved this cool plate display - the rack, grapes and plant are painted on!

I made this quilt for my parent's 40th anniversary - it's 18 years old now.

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