Friday, June 19, 2009


Memorial Service and My Old Home Town
My sister made this fabulous memory board to honor my cousin Gary's life!!!
It was a sad cousin Gary passed away last month and friends and family gathered today to say our goodbyes. It was very strange for me - my parents and my sister could not attend, so my nephew and I traveled over to Lemoore for the memorial. Gary was 10 years older than me and when I was about 6 or 8, he was the mascot at the high school - I had very fond memories of him coming up into the stands at football games and hugging us and saying 'hi!' - pretty cool for a little kid! The picture with the flowers is for my sister's wedding in 1975 - Gary is helping put together the bouquets and that's me with the goofy look on my face. Gary lived with us for a little while, he was there at most Christmas celebrations and was a big part of our lives. He will be missed!!!
After the memorial service, we HAD to go to the local hangout - Superior Dairy (even though I'd been there a week ago!) Then, it was off to my old high school - my friend, Kathy (the one who lives in London) asked me to take some photos of our school for the website in preparation for our class reunion next year.

Here's the entrance to town - the arch wasn't there when I lived in the area.
Here's the front of my high school - I'm very thankful they decided to retrofit it instead of tear it down years ago. My aunt was in the first graduating class back in the 20's and her picture hangs in the auditorium.

Other hangouts in Lemoore - Jolly Kone and White Top!!!
I met a friend of my cousins at the memorial service who is planning their class reunion for this October and we're going to exchange photos and she says she's getting a professionally filmed and edited DVD - can't wait to see them all!!!
Take a moment today to show appreciation to your family and friends...

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