Monday, June 01, 2009

My Trip to London

Day 4 - Who Knows!!!
I thought I could do this by days, but each wonderful day melted into another. So, here are some odds and ends photos from my trip.

Here's how fish and chips are served. I'm used to a basket with a tissue liner and several separate pieces of fish.

I'm planning a trip to the Museum of Glass in Washington this summer, so I was surprised to see this amazing Chihuly piece hanging in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London - stunning - in fact, that was my word for my trip - STUNNING!!!

I took some photos around the Henderson's home - eggs from the White House Easter Egg Roll - wow! I'm impressed.

Kathy loves roosters and anything patriotic - here's a patriotic origami bird.

Selfridges is celebrating it's 100th year and I just had to take a picture of the rubber duckies gracing one of their windows.

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