Sunday, December 19, 2010

Facebook Self Challenge

How to Make a Valance from Place Mats
I posted two challenges for myself yesterday on my Facebook page - I figured if I let my FB Friends know I'd be sure to get them done, after all, there were only two things on my list...then Mother Nature took over. You've probably heard about the heavy rains we're having in California - well, they interrupted my progress but I'm here to say that I achieved my two challenges, but it took a day longer.

My two goals were to finish the valances in my living room and to hang my photos over my couch. Both projects are done as of tonight.

I fell in love with these place mats from Pier 1 - I love leaves and the colors in the place mats are some of my favorite. I felt though, that I needed to add some green since my two chairs and couch were green. I had some leftover fabric from when I upholstered one of the chairs (I didn't really upholster it, I used safety pins to anchor it on the back - looks good to me!) I cut leaves from the leftover fabric and glued them on where I thought it looked good. I glued the place mats to the existing curtain rod with hot glue and since the place mats didn't quite fit the entire length of the curtain rod, I pleated a place mat (using hot glue to hold the pleats) and glued them on the end.

Oh yes, the whole Mother Nature thing that interrupted my self challenge...I received a call from my parent's renter that there was a leak and water was pouring in the house. We couldn't get a handyman out yesterday (he was too busy with leaks!) and when he worked on it today he couldn't find the source. When my parents were at my house dealing with the leak they got word a huge oak tree had fallen down and grazed the roof of their barn. Mother Nature, enough all ready...

Happy Crafting!

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