Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photo Display

Here's a great way to display all of those photos you have!

I have TONS of photos I've taken and wanted to display them in my new home. Here's the outcome - first, I laid them out on the floor to get a feel for what they'd look like, then I took a photo of the layout to make sure I knew where each one went. That's good in theory, but check it out - I expanded on it as I went along to fill up the huge wall.

I started by having my photos enlarged at COSTCO - it's super easy - just upload them to their website and in an hour you can pick up your awesome enlargements (and they're cheap!).

I bought some foam core at a local discount store (it's available at craft stores too) and some Aleene's Crystal Clear Tacky Spray (I LOVE this product!).

I sprayed the spray adhesive on the back of the photo then placed it on the foam core and smoothed it with my hands - I'd recommend a brayer next time for a super duper professional look. Oh, don't forget to protect your work surface really well before you use the spray - follow the instructions on the can too.

I laid the photo on a cutting board and used a box cutting knife to trim around the edges (hint - use a new blade and change the blade often so you get a good cut).

To adhere the photos to the wall I used a 3M product that attaches things to the wall and doesn't leave a residue when removed.

My display is picture perfect, I'd say!

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