Friday, December 17, 2010

More Christmas Decorating Ideas

I had a few snow people that I'd been given over the years so I sprinkled them around my kitchen - on top of my vertical blinds (who knew there was a ledge on top?), put a snow couple on my fridge, but I wanted to keep the family theme going that I'd used in the living room, so I printed out a collage of past Christmas family photos and placed them in a vase.

Remember the Aleene's / Michael's Magic of Christmas television special and book? I so loved being a part of that - I am lucky enough to have one of the creations from it. The wonderfully matching quilt was made by my friend Kathi ages ago. It matches perfect! Thanks, Kathi!

I love the dollar store!!! I was able to get these stockings for one dollar each and able to fill them with dollar store finds...I think no one is ever too old for a stocking!!! It brings wonderful color and festiveness to the stairs.

A friend had a great idea - a Christmas Sock Party. We were instructed to wear our Christmas socks to her home and what a colorful party it was. She had Chinese food waiting for us and I got an A from my friends on decorating my cookie 'platter'. We did some silly Christmas charades (ever hear of a movie The Lemon Drop Kid? - I had to act that out...)

My socks for the event.

Happy Holidays!

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