Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Aleene's Glue

About a month ago I received a notification on facebook that someone recognized me in a photo Tiffany Windsor posted.  It's embarrassing, but I had to ask the person to refresh my memory as to who she was.  Turned out she was a former co-worker at Aleene's and as we got more reacquainted we found out we both live in the same small town about an hour from where we worked. 

Last night we attended a Meet Up group here in town and saw each other for the first time in 17 years!!!  She came over for lunch today and we caught-up, brainstormed and had a great time.  She brought me these delicious leaf shaped cookies and attached a wonderful gift tag that reads: 
glue: something that binds together

What a lovely and thoughtful gift!  Thanks Carrie!

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Sister's Cottage said...

Thank you Joan - so fun to reconnect! We are going places - we will find it! ♥