Tuesday, October 09, 2012

How to Make a Welcome Mat

Adoorable Decorated Doormat

It's Fall, so that means the holidays are right around the corner so make your guests feel extra-special with a custom decorated welcome mat.  These make inexpensive holiday gifts too!  Personalize for each person with a stencil that fits their personality.  You can even make your own stencil design with Contact Paper.

What You'll Need
Acrylic Paint
Spray Adhesive


How to Make It
1. Spray adhesive on back of stencil, following manufacturer's instructions.
2. Press stencil where desired on mat.  
3. Place small amounts of paint on plate. Dab sponge into paint. Dab paint into openings of stencil until desired look is achieved. Wash out sponge and move onto another color. Continue stenciling. Let dry. NOTE:  If using reverse image (see angels in picture), wipe wet paint from stencil and apply adhesive on reverse side.

To make custom stencils, place design under clear Contact Paper. Trace with permanent pen. Cut out.  You won't need the spray adhesive. Start with step 2 above.

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