Sunday, February 09, 2014

Project Save Great Grandma's Quilt

It's coming together!  Laying out all of the components before I do any gluing. In my quest to use as much of the quilt as possible, I made rolled roses from the backing and the really bad parts of the quilt top. The roses hide really worn parts of the quilt - win, win, win!   Think I'll add some light green leaves and, of course, something to tack down the ribbon at each X.  I forgot to mention the frame is an old mirror mount my mom found out in the shed. We're finally having awesome rain so painting the frame will have to wait until next week. Upward and onward in love!


Marie Wilder said...

Did you make the rosettes with the quilt fabric? Love this idea
Keep on Crafting,

Joan Martin Fee said...

Hi Marie,
I'm trying to preserve as much of the quilt as possible but it is very worn. I used bits and pieces of the quilt top and the backing to make the roses. Loving it!