Saturday, February 01, 2014

What to do with an Old Quilt

Great Grandma's Quilt

Today, we are honoring my mom's sister who passed away several months ago.  Since all of the cousins are gathering together we thought this would be a good time to finally share great grandma's quilt.  My mom received it back in 1968 when she passed and it was in pretty bad shape back then.  It's had a home in various closets over the years and my sister, mom and I have talked many times about finding a way to preserve it and share it with other family members since it couldn't be used as is.      

At Christmas we finally took the plunge and cut the quilt into circles and sewed on plain fabric for the backs.
My sister and I met one evening to stuff the circles, sew on the buttons and wrap the thread around them to create a wonderful keepsake.
So, great grandma's beautiful quilt is now preserved and shared with all of the cousins to be cherished throughout the generations to come.

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