Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day Shirt & Earrings

I had such a fun time getting ready for Saint Patrick's Day using the EZScreenPrint product.  Create the design you want from graphics, drawings, pictures, etc.- that's what makes this product so neat - you can totally customize whatever you want!  Once you have your artwork it only takes 60 seconds exposure to the sun to make your screen!

I wanted some cute earrings to match my shirt, so I stenciled on shrink plastic that's for use with ink jet printers.  Right after I applied the paint, I placed a paper towel over the paint and gently blotted it.  If you don't, your paint will get kind of furry looking and we can't have that!  Follow the instructions on your shrink plastic to shrink. For those who have never used shrink plastic (I have adored shrink plastic since I was a kid) you do your image on the plastic, put it in the oven and it shrinks about 60%, gets the thickness of a nickle and hard.  Great for making cupcake picks, earrings and tons of other projects.  Be sure to punch a hole at the top before you shrink the plastic!

Ready to try screen printing?  Get started with a 15% off discount - just use joan15 when you're checking out and there's no minimum order.  Check it out!

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