Sunday, January 20, 2008

Craft Trade Show Hub Bub...

Here's the view from my desk and the poor extra large printer across from me has hardly cooled off in days. We're getting ready for CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) trade show. Our booth is huge, so we're printing and then constructing a huge amount of signs. Once the signs are printed, we adhere them to foam core and then they are placed in the booth.

Our theme this year is, Your World Is Our World so a huge sign with that saying hangs under our even larger Duncan sign. Below that are product line signs (really big too!) and then what we're calling sub-header signs for each category and within those categories are other signs! Whooooooosh! I was out in our booth assembly area and it looks absolutely awesome! Everything is coming together. Beyond the booth we're working on a new catalog, media kit, new products and many, many other projects.

The show is February 10-13 in Anaheim. If you're going to be there, check out booth 4001 - there are lots of surprises - book signings, oodles of new products, make it and take its - too, too, too many things to mention !!! And we have a special part of the website set up that shows what's going to happen.

CHA is a trade show for buyers from around the world to come and see what's new and buy, buy, buy so it's on the shelves for you! It's very exciting and very fun! I will be 'walking the show' for a couple of days and reporting back to you what I see...

One of the make it and take it's is with our new baby line (it's the tie-dyed camo onesies - but I can't tell any more!) There are also a ton of mouse shaped glitter laden T-shirts drying around the plant. As you can see, a lot goes into the trade show, it's challenging, it's hectic, but it's so rewarding to stand back at the show and see all the hard work look so fantastic! My friend, Lindy, is coordinating the show - she's doing a fantastic job - and we're still making time to get in our 30 minute workout at lunch! You go Lindy!!!

I was going to say that all this activity leaves me little time to craft, but looking back over yesterday, I can't say that. I did a glue test. A friend came over last night and was wondering what the heck I was doing. I'm testing two glues, so I had paper, fabric, metal, glass, cardboard, etc. all over my table and then all kinds of things glued to them - bottle caps, pom poms - it looks like some kind of scientific experiment gone bad. My friend and I crafted for a couple of hours - it was nice to experiment, have fun and not have an agenda.

My parents are spending the night tonight, so I'd better get to some OT I need to get out of the way - thank goodness for Precious Thyme - I'm thawing some Cranberry Chicken Breasts and we'll have Spinach and Feta Quiche from there also - warm up some frozen vegies and we'll have a relaxing meal.

Upward, onward and sometimes sideways - make it a great day and a fabulous week!

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