Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm Going Outside My Comfort Zone Big Time!!! YIKES!!!

When I was going through my journals in preparation for this new year, I ran across something I wrote when I was on vacation at Big Sur last year. It was there that I did a little (OK, big) brain dump and wrote things down as they came to me. One of the things on the list was voice lessons. I was shocked - I don't remember writing it because singing lessons have been coming to mind and I mentioned it to my mom and she said she's always wanted to take lessons.

Last week on my way to my doctor's office I was stopped at a stop light and noticed a sign for singing lessons - I go by this place at least every two weeks and this was the first time I had seen the sign. When I got to my doctor's office, I noticed a cute metal Christmas tree and walked over to get a closer look and on it was written The Voice Shop. I questioned my doctor about it and she said that's where she takes voice lessons. Come to find out, The Voice Shop is the place I drive by - kind of spooky, if ya ask me. I knew then it was a sign for me to call and today, I called and left a message. This will be a very huge step outside of my comfort zone. One NEVER knows what will unfold before them - maybe even a voice shop.

It's been a week of mega overtime getting ready for our big trade show next month - I'm working on booth signs, the media kit, a huge catalog, ads and 10 kits for a new product launch we're doing at the trade show. I'm also busy with a brochure for some new glazes being added to our ceramic line, working on 30+ projects for the February web ( and doing a test for a potential new glue, so, overtime it is for a while.

I'm headed to my parents tomorrow for my dad's 81st birthday - hard to think it was a year ago that Marilyn Monroe graced his party.

As for my PC (Pulse Check) this week - I didn't get much accomplished, but with OT most every night, things have to go by the wayside. I did have dinner with The Crafty Chica (hey, Kathy!) and two other friends - it was a nice diversion.

Lindy and I continue to do our 30 minute workouts at lunch - thanks for the inspiration, Lindy! We keep all the fixing for an awesome salad at work, so we just have to assemble and we're back to work.

Oh, I almost forgot...take some time for yourself today, even if it's 10 minutes to add a little something to the project you're working on. As for me, I indulged in a 1-1/2 hour massage - this girl can make me feel like rubber!!!

Back to work - make today an outstanding day!


Bunko Lass said...

Thank you for YOUR inspiration, Joan. I wouldn't have made it this far without a supportive workout buddy like you!

Five pounds so far and I already feel SO much better. Thank you for encouraging me to do this with you!


Joan said...

Just a reminder - I was the one riding on your coat tails - I invited myself to share your workout time!

We're doing FANTASTIC!!! And our salads are mighty yummy!