Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tomorrow's the day...

Well, I've been putting off returning the phone call to start voice lessons - I kept saying to myself, I was working so much overtime, I just didn't have the time to call. I saw the phone number on my to do and I just picked up the phone this morning. Tomorrow at 2:30 - YIKES!!!

What I wasn't prepared for was my very emotional and tearful response when the teacher asked me what I wanted to accomplish.

As a young girl, I loved to sing in elementary school - my teacher, Mrs. Wilson, was strict, but I knew she loved each and everyone of us and only wanted us to be the best that we could be. We sang probably a couple times a week and had concerts throughout the year. I remember standing on risers in Kindergarten singing Frosty the Snowman - it made such an impact on me, my parents bought the 45 record. I have visited Mrs. Wilson a couple of times since I moved 'back home'. This occasion deserves a note thanking her for making singing so enjoyable.

On to Job's Daughters - we sang a lot in the organization as part of our meetings (we even sang a song during 'refreshments' when someone noticed another girl with her elbows on the table and she'd have to run around the tables until we finished the song - you only put your elbows on the table once in that organization!). For my sister's installation when she became Honored Queen (kind of like a president of an organization), I was asked along with 3 other girls to sing a special song for her. I remember becoming very quiet and not projecting.

So, now, it's time to find my voice again. What I hope to accomplish - I do not know, but at least I am trying.

My wish for you - to step outside of your creative box - if you think you can't knit - try, loosen up a bit and take your project just a little beyond what the designer did - take a little risk and see where it opens you up to. I'm excited for you and me!

Thing is, I thought I'd be petrified, but I'm calm about all this. We'll see at 2:30 tomorrow!

Take a risk...see what happens! More tomorrow afternoon!


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