Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Year Pulse Check

I remember my first few months working at Duncan and the incredible things we did as a company that blew me away. One was a Pulse Check - when we were in the middle of a BIG project, we'd all get together and have a Pulse Check to see where each of us were in the process. Well, it's a process that I have brought into my personal life and it's actually quite gratify. More on that in a sec.

The new year is shaping up fabulously for me!!! My friend and I workout at lunch for 30 minutes in our company's fitness center, then fix a quick salad (I bought all the fixings at COSTCO and we figure we're spending probably less than $2.00 on a salad we'd pay eight or more bucks for at a restaurant). So, I'm exercising, eating right and generally getting my life in order and a lot of it goes back to getting my 2008 Notebook together - I call it My Brain. My bosses, boss hit the nail on the head when she called it a place to 'dump my brain'. I have mentioned to friends on numerous times that I just 'want to get out of my brain'. And, this has really helped. I've dumped it, yet I know it's there when I need to refer back to it.

Back to the Pulse Check. Now, with My Brain, I do a quick PC every day to see what needs done AND what I did last Sunday evening, was do a Big PC where I looked at my long and short term goals to see what I could do this week to move toward those. I wrote little notes to myself (kind of like a teacher making comments on a kids' paper). I got lots done last week and am very proud of myself. I am reminded of one of my accomplishments as I smell a broccoli bacon cheddar stuffed chicken breast in my oven - yes, it is before 6:30 in the morning, but I'm trying this new thing for me - a company prepares meals and brings them to you - you just pop them in the oven when you're ready. I was anticipating having a scrumptious dinner last night, but they were frozen, so breakfast it is! Back to my last week - I opened up my Holiday Saving Account, made phone calls to get a ROTH IRA set up and on and was a wonderful feeling!

My earring organizer is working beautifully - it is so nice to have all my earrings in one place, by color...and I've been a good girl about putting them back each night.

Well, my broccoli bacon cheddar stuffed chicken breast is calling me name. More about how this great year is shaping up later...

Make it a fantastic day!


Candyland said...

I'm proud of you for making such a strong start on the new you in the new year! What company is that for meals, anyway? Sounds yummy!

Pattie Donham said...

Wow Joan! You are WAY ahead of me. I am so proud of you and the huge strides you are taking with the New Year, girl. Organizing, meal planning, exercise, a major notebook planner, your cool jewelry wreath, and my favorite...the pulse check. I am gonna have to get my butt in gear! Thanks for the inspiration and creativity. You rock.

Pattie Donham said...

Oh, I forgot...the vitamins with the heart message is just fabulous! I take my supplements every day with a little frown. Now, I'm gonna add a positive message to my dish, too!

You are such a great friend....and an inspirational motivator. Thanks Joan!

Joan said...


Thanks for all the awesome comments - gee, I think I'm blushing.

Candyland - it's called Precious Thyme and I'm having a Pot Roast from them for dinner tonight - it smells yummy! There are lots of chicken and other dinners and if you don't live in my area - just type in delivered prepared meals on your search engine.

Pattie - Hey kiddo, you've been gone for a while and since I know you pretty well, you've probably caught up to and bi-passed me by now.

Later Gators!