Sunday, January 06, 2008

Jewelry/Earring Organizer
Get Organized in the New Year with Crafts
The weather forecasters said 'button down the hatches, the biggest storm in over 20 years is going to hit the area'. So, I bought some firewood, lots of candles and food that didn't need heated and hunkered down for the weekend.

So, what's a girl to do when she's stuck inside for the entire weekend? CRAFT!!! GET ORGANIZED!!! HAVE FUN!!!

I got out my jewelry organizer project that I'd started last month (see most of my jewelry on the table - yikes!) and I finished it! It didn't turn out quite how I'd expected and it grew to other things, but in crafting there are no mistakes.

I covered a Styrofoam wreath with fabric, gluing the fabric to the back of the wreath with Aleene's® Foamtastic. Since I had to ease the fabric around the inside of the wreath, I glued on silk leaves to hide the cuts. If I was doing this project again, I'd use ribbon or something softer because I couldn't put earrings through the silk leaves.

Then, it was time to organize all my jewelry. Once I started placing the earrings I knew I wouldn't have room for anything else. The earrings poke effortlessly into the Styrofoam, so I'll see longterm how this works out. Oh, I did have room on the sides of the wreath for some of my pin collection.

My sister gave me tons of butterfly pins from her mother-in-laws estate and I chose to place them on a watercolor butterfly quilt I'd made ages ago. See how this is growing...

Bracelets - I have a few bracelets and decided to put them around a small decorative bottle I had in my kitchen - the bottle is filled with apples, so it makes for an interesting display.

On to my necklaces - I'm not happy about this quite yet. I got a wonky wrought iron tree from Coldwater Creek at an after Christmas sale. You can't tell from the photo, but it's really cute. Not being satisfied with the way my necklaces are organized, when I woke up this morning I eyed a towel holder that sits in my bathroom area - we'll see.

Today is filled with some overtime that needs done but I'm determined to be done by noon, so I can light that fire and work on a book idea I have.

Make it a great day!



Anonymous said...

What an amazing butterfly quilt!!!

Did you make it??

Joan said...

Yes, I did. It was a kit with hundreds of fabric squares. I remember hanging it by my fireplace and looking at it for days and fussing with the layout. The fabric 3D butterflies were my personal addition and it's a great way to display my new pin butterfly collection that seems to be growing by the week.


Michelle said...

i'm thinking of doing an earing organiser but i'm planing on window screening attached to an old frame so the earings can hang in the frame.

Joan said...

Hi Michelle,

Let me know how your earring organizer works out. The frame could be decorated in so many ways!