Thursday, November 13, 2008

Harvest Boxes

A unique way to store odds and ends, these boxes will bring a touch of Fall into your home or fill with special gifts for your Thanksgiving hostess.

What You'll Need
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint: colors to coordinate with ribbon, I used Linen, Berry Red, Golden Tan, Gold
Aleene's Glue Sticks
Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue
3 paper mache stacking boxes
Paintbrush, foam
Sea sponge
4 metal leaves that have weathered look
Grapevine, small diameter
Toothbrush, old
Garden shears
Ribbons: 1" wide plaid (to coordinate with paint colors), 1" wide solid (to coordinate with plaid), 2" wide with motif (to coordinate with plaid)
Tape measure

How to Make It

1. Paint all box lids and small box bottom Linen, using foam brush. Let dry.

2. Place small puddles of Golden Tan and Berry Red on foil. Wet sea sponge. Wring dry. Dab sea sponge in both colors of paint. Dab off excess on foil. Dab colors on lids. Let dry.

3. Apply accents across raised areas of leaves, using finger dipped in Gold. Let dry. Glue leaves on top of small box. Glue grapevine pieces at center of box. Glue moss to cover ends. Glue pinecone at center.

4. For small box bottom, mix a wash of Berry Red and water. Dip toothbrush bristles in wash. Apply speckles of wash on box, pulling back bristles, using your finger. Let dry.

5. Cut several small pieces from grapevine, using garden shears. Gather pieces together in a small bundle. Tie at center, using plaid ribbon. Make four bunches. Glue bundles on sides of small box, spacing evenly around. Let dry.

6. For medium box bottom, glue 2" wide ribbon around sides. Glue grapevine pieces to cover long edges of ribbon along center of box. Refer to photo.

7. For woven ribbon on large box bottom, measure height and circumference of box. Cut ribbon slightly longer than measurements. NOTE: Number of ribbon pieces will be determined by size of box.

8. Glue one end of each long length on box. Glue lengths from edge to edge of box. Weave short lengths over long lengths. Occasionally, tack in place, using glue. Overlap ends and glue on box.

9. Glue a random pattern of small grapevine pieces into woven ribbon.

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