Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving on the Farm - The Barn, Family, Ribs, Tractors, Cranberry Sauce...
The cooks!!!

You can move a farm girl to the ocean, but you can't take the farm out of the girl...Thanksgiving was delightful! My mom got into the whole Barn Thanksgiving and brought out Thanksgiving related quilts, candles and milo from our fields to decorate. My bro, David, was a wonderful help bringing it all together. He got out the generator, so we would have music, moved the tractor out of the barn, put up tables and chairs, etc., etc. He was a great help and he wasn't even there for the festivities - he and has family went to his mother-in-laws for the day.
The ribs were seared for 1/2 hour at 500 degrees and then slowly cooked and basted in bbq sauce for 2-1/2 hours - yummy!!!

My nephew, Chris, loves Cranberry sauce - he makes sure everyone has their fill and then he takes the rest and smears it on rolls - quite a few rolls, I might add.

Toward evening, we went back out to the barn to put everything away and since David was still gone, that meant we had to wrangle all the heavy stuff and take care of them. Having spent many hours on the tractor as a kid disking the fields (don't even get my dad started on the summer I used a Honda 50 motorcycle to check the water in the fields every 1/2 hour), I got on the tractor and even though I hadn't driven it in years, I was able to get it started and take loads to a storage building. Fun, fun, fun!!!

We all went our separate ways on Friday - me to visit a friend in Fresno and my family to shop and go to our favorite / mandatory hangout - Superior Dairy - with to die-for ice creams treats.

Friday evening I headed back to my home, unloaded my car and vegged the rest of the evening.

Cheryl Ball and I are doing dinner tonight and I want to go to my storage place and dust off my Christmas decorations that have been in storage for 3+ years and decorate for the season. I came home last night to a blaze of lights from my next door neighbor's house - I knew I'd come home to something, but didn't expect so many lights. Something tells me he isn't done, yet.

I just got off the phone with my best friend from high school. We chatted for over an hour about life (she's going to be a grandma for the third time!!!), about our classmates - she still lives in our home town, so she was bringing me up-to-speed on the happenings or lack there of.
Seems like I haven't gotten my engines going today and it's already 1:00 p.m. with lots to do today.
Tomorrow is a do whatever day - wrapping presents, maybe getting a live Christmas tree, straightening up...whatever.

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