Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Harvest Table Runner

This touch of Autumn is easy to achieve and will look great on your table!

What You'll Need
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint: Chocolate, Golden Tan, Olive, Sunshine Yellow
Stamp, oak leaf
Garbage bag
Table runner, 100% cotton
Sea sponge
Paintbrush, foam

How to Make It
1. Prewash table runner to remove sizing. Do not dry, leave damp. Cover work surface with garbage bag. Lay damp table runner on garbage bag.
2. Place a puddle of each color of paint on foil. Dab damp sponge in one color. Dab a random pattern on table runner. Rinse sponge. Repeat for each color of paint. Add more water and paint until desired watercolor look is achieved. Let dry.
3. Brush Chocolate on stamp, using foam paintbrush. Stamp four leaves in center of table runner, re-applying paint after each stamp. Stamp leaves in corners. Let dry.

That's all there is to it!

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