Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Land's End at Cabo!!!

Where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez - just beautiful!

We sailed on a catamaran to Land's End, went to a glass blowing factory where they recycle glass into amazing pieces, saw beautiful cacti, had lunch at a cantina in San Jose del Cabo and rested at a wonderful restaurant overlooking the bay at Cabo. (I bought a disposable camera so I wouldn't have to worry about carting around my big camera, so I need to get the photos developed!)

I didn't think I'd ever say it, but I got tired of food - every night our waiter would not only bring us what we ordered, but would bring us things from previous evenings that we had fancied! My fav - Chocolate Melting Cake that oozed sweet chocolate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, of course! I did only indulge in one serving of lobster!

I treated myself to spa treatments the second day we were on ship - it was quite divine to lay back, relax and have six different mini treatments. I went back to my room, curled up for a couple hours for a nice nap.

We played bingo, we ate, ate some more and pretty much just hung out on the way down to Cabo and on the way back.

The day we left on the cruise we had a marvelous champagne brunch in Old Town San Diego and did a little shopping there, but our time in San Diego was all too short because we didn't want to miss our ship. I see more San Diego time in my near future.

Now, it's time to catch up on lots of things, finish final preparations for my brother's surprise birthday party on Friday and attend a luncheon tomorrow for the newbie's of our newcomer's group - I volunteered to be on the board next year. I stumbled upon my high school yearbooks this week and sat down for a trip down memory lane - even back when I was 13, I had to be involved in things - organizing, planning.

This weekend was spent lazying around - the weather was cool and rainy, so I just couldn't resist renting some movies, making a big pot of stew and vegging.

Fall is definitely here - enjoy!

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Candyland said...

Sounds like you had a magical cruise! What delights!